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          Yangzhou MY Industry Co.,Ltd     


          Yangzhou MY Industry Co.,Ltd

          Welcome to our website

          We have export experiences for more than 10 years and Our customers mainly from Southeast Asia, EU market, north America and other countries and regions...

          Contact Us

          Name: Mr.Jing

          Tel: +86 514 87969932

          Fax: +86 514 87969932

          Mobile: 13773577139

          E-mail: info@myeptfe.com

          Skype: esearchman

          MSN: yzf4@hotmail.com

          QQ: 11796062

          WeChat: 13773577139

          Add: NO.4 Jiangyang Innovation Park, No.123 Noth Pingshan Road, Yangzhou,jiangsu,China 225000

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